Saturday, June 27, 2009


I had a blast!! the MUD WAS HILARIOUS!! (especially when H dragged Sarah through the mud!!

I loved the worship that took place, Pastor Will Lowell said that on the first day we had prayed so hard for a breakthrough that to him it seemed like we have been there for days praying...Then! there are all of the games!! man it was soooo much fun!!

the trash can game was awesome!

the slip and slide

the amazing race


comment if u wanna hear more!


  1. It was SOOOOOO AWESOME!! I want to cry cause i miss camp like the schedule and stuff and i miss everyone soo much!! ahhhh i need help!! :(

    yes that was funny when H dropped me in the mud. he grabbed my leg and started pulling me through it all lol. but i was trying to get up because he got mud all in my mouth XO gros!

  2. Yeah, I want to hear more, because Zoe and Caleb didn't go, so they couldn't post about it...I had an awesome time at my youth camp, too.